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ARTZ Philadelphia is both a person-centered and a community-based organization. What does this mean in practice? It means that we take our lead from those we serve. It means that we learn and grow through our community partnerships and are shaped by the individual members of the ARTZ Philadelphia community as a whole, from our neighbors living with dementia in North Philadelphia to care partners throughout Philadelphia’s suburbs to people from around the country who have been joining us online since the COVID pandemic brought them to us. We strive to be of, by, and for the Philadelphia neighborhoods in which our program participants live and also to learn from and listen to every individual who comes through our doors (physical and virtual).

Read on to learn more about the different ways In which our community members make ARTZ Philadelphia the organization it is.

Meet our Community

Take a look at some of the community members who have helped ARTZ grow and evolve.

Black Lives Matter

We see you. We recognize injustice when we see it. We are here for you.

Click on the two links below to read letters about Black Lives Matter from our executive director Susan Shifrin and former board chair Lynn Harris

Our Communities in Action

Take a look at the following videos to see some of the ways ARTZ Philadelphia is building community.

Music in the Neighborhood

ARTZ @ Woodmere

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