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In “ARTZ on the Road”, ARTZ Philadelphia staff facilitate arts-based group conversations among people living with dementia in residential care communities. Works of art, the memories they evoke and anything else that comes up along the way are all fair game. Conversations about art are sometimes paired with art-making and other creative experiences.

What to Expect in this Program

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What People Are Saying

  • It was like the depiction of the outer world in those paintings was like a lens enabling everyone to respond to an inner experience they [wanted] to express. A reminder of what art is for us all. Thank you.

    –Michael W., Care Partner
  • The programs bring so much to those with dementia and their caregivers . . . momentary respite, clarity, smiles and laughter. The greater community profits as well, as the participants, staff, and volunteers take those positive feelings into their interactions with others throughout the day. Ah, the ripple effect!

    –Peggy W., Care Partner
  • I’ve been a social worker all my life. But I have to say, this experience has been the best. I mean, I do the work regardless, but just celebrating the joy of the human person with Alzheimers, with dementia, with whatever problems exist—there is still joy, there’s still wonder, still connection to other people.

    –Debby D., Social Worker

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