ARTZ in the Neighborhood

Co-Creating lasting programs in the community

Social and cultural factors influence how people experience life with dementia. Our programs have always been person-centered; how do they become community-centered too? They need to reflect Philadelphia’s diversity, for one thing. Dementia affects communities of color disproportionately, making access to quality-of-life interventions even more vital. “ARTZ in the Neighborhood” is responding to the different ways that different communities live with dementia, generating programs that are by and for the people of those communities.

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Where You Will Find Us

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  • ARTZ & Hunting Park

    Special Project

    ARTZ & Hunting Park

    A group of seniors first came together in Spring 2018 to guide this project. We meet twice a month at Esperanza Health Center, a gathering place for the community.

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  • ARTZ & Northwest Philadelphia

    Special Project

    ARTZ & Northwest Philadelphia

    In the Northwest Philadelphia project, people living with dementia and their care partners are making the most of their knowledge and experience to guide the creation of a new program for themselves and others in the area.

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Thank You To Our Sponsors

“ARTZ in the Neighborhood” has been generously funded by Friends Foundation for the Aging, Fox Chase Bank Charitable Fund, the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, and the Lawrence Saunders Fund.