Cafés for Care Partners

A Bit of Relief From the Daily Grind

We launched this series of programs especially for the care partners of people living with dementia (usually family members but sometimes close friends playing the same role) to provide engaging, stimulating experiences and relief from the daily grind.

What to Expect in this Program

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What People Are Saying

  • My weeks are so much better when they include ARTZ…!

    — Sarah O., Care Partner
  • You are an important asset to our community and personally to us.

    –– Len G., Care Partner
  • My father and I were not close at all before his dementia. It was really the ARTZ programs that allowed us to do something together and start a relationship that has me feeling more connected to him than ever. For the first time in my life I love the time we spend together. You bring out the best in both of us and [create] an environment where people with the brain changes that come from dementia can flourish and share the talents they have developed because of the 'disease.'

    –– Sarah O., Care Partner

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