Conversations about Change

Changing the Lives of People Affected by Dementia for the Better – Together

Conversations about Change is a series of conversations with our partners in the community, raising awareness about how we can change the lives of people affected by dementia for the better—together. Each month, ARTZ will be posting a new conversation with one of our partners. Each episode highlights different issues relevant to people living with dementia, their care partners, and the broader community. Scroll down to explore episodes.

Episode 1: Personal and Professional Caregiving with Madelyne Groves

In our first episode, ARTZ Founder and Executive Director speaks with Madelyne Groves, the community liaison and translator for our ARTZ in the Neighborhood Hunting Park program. Madelyne discusses her experiences as a care partner to her mother and a professional caregiver in the medical field.

Episode 2: Brain Injuries, Dementia, and the Nonprofit Landscape with Kevin Jameson

In our second episode, Susan speaks with Dementia Society of America’s Founder, President, CEO and Chairman, Kevin Jameson. Kevin speaks about his own experiences caring for his wife Ginny, how that led him to start the Dementia Society of America, and what he thinks about the current landscape of dementia-focused nonprofits.

Episode 3: Wisdom Gone Wild with Rea Tajiri

In our third episode, ARTZ Founder and Executive Director Susan Shifrin speaks with Rea Tajiri, the director of Wisdom Gone Wild, a film made in partnership with Rea’s mother Rose, who had dementia. The film explores entering the world of a person living with dementia in order to maintain relationship and connection through listening, art, and song. Susan and Rea’s conversation touches on many of these same themes.

Episode 4: Museums, Creativity and Care with Hildy Tow

In our fourth episode, Susan speaks with Hildy Tow, The Robert L. McNeil, Jr. Curator of Education at Woodmere Art Museum. Woodmere is one of ARTZ’ oldest and dearest partners. In this conversation, Susan and Hildy track their long running relationship and the impact that creativity can have on people living with dementia and their care partners.