ARTZ Philadelphia


ARTZ Philadelphia is deeply rooted in our relationships with the diverse artists, neighborhoods, arts organizations, businesses, community organizations, cultural venues, and residential care communities that make up the Greater Philadelphia region.

Participate in a Program, Project or Initiative

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  • ARTZ-Connect

    Online Only


    The same ARTZ programs you know and love, but online. We explore art together in an inclusive and engaging environment, from the comfort of your home!

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  • ARTZ Notes


    ARTZ Notes

    ARTZ Notes provides opportunities to listen to music, make your own, watch live performances and engage with each other and the performers.

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  • Cafés for Care Partners


    Cafés for Care Partners

    A series of programs especially for the care partners of people living with dementia to provide engaging, stimulating experiences and relief from the daily grind.

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  • ARTZ in the Making

    By Special Arrangement

    ARTZ in the Making

    In these engaging, hands-on programs, trained artist-facilitators create opportunities for self-expression via art-making for residents living with dementia in care communities.

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  • ARTZ in the Neighborhood

    Special Project

    ARTZ in the Neighborhood

    ARTZ in the Neighborhood responds to the different ways that different communities live with dementia, generating programs that are by and for the people of those communities.

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  • ARTZ @ Jefferson

    By Special Arrangement

    ARTZ @ Jefferson

    In our award winning initiative, people with dementia and care partners mentor health professions students, sharing experiences and perspectives on living with dementia

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  • ARTZ @ The Museum


    ARTZ @ The Museum

    These informal, no-obligation programs offer weekly opportunities to join with others in museums and art centers around the Greater Philadelphia area for group conversations around artworks.

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  • ARTZ on the Road

    By Special Arrangement

    ARTZ on the Road

    Using reproductions of works of art, ARTZ Philadelphia staff facilitate arts-based group conversations among people living with dementia in residential care communities.

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  • ARTZ Kits

    Special Project

    ARTZ Kits

    A series of art-making projects including all materials, directions, and instructional videos for in-house care community staff to use with residents.

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  • ARTZ Cards

    Special Project

    ARTZ Cards

    A crowd-sourced project that will generate cards with images and inscriptions that can support, challenge and inspire people living with dementia and those they love.

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  • ARTZ Philadelphia = Philadelphia Artists

    Special Project

    ARTZ Philadelphia = Philadelphia Artists

    Artists Artists living and working in the greater Philadelphia area are invited to share their work with ARTZ Philly program participants.

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  • ARTZ Stops

    By Special Arrangement

    ARTZ Stops

    Offers people living with dementia serendipitous, impromptu opportunities for informal, creative self-expression.

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Types of Programs

Online Programming

What to Expect:

  • Connecting online, using Zoom or other familiar software
  • Troubleshooting guidance from our team, to make things as easy for you as possible
  • The comfort of attending from your own home — no need to travel anywhere
  • Program attendance has no geographical boundaries, our participants can visit with us and get to know each other from across the street or across the country
  • When we look at works of art together, we can get close enough to touch them and can see details we’d never be able to see in the museum

A group of ARTZ participants look at a photo of a forest on Zoom

Eve works on a colorful painting of flowers with other ARTZ participants

In-Person Programming

What to Expect:

  • Your safety comes first: all of our in person programs will have precautions to make sure you are safe and comfortable
  • Masks are currently required at all in person events
  • Proof of vaccination is currently required at all in person events
  • Events take place in spaces where public access is limited
  • The chance to share space with others
  • The opportunity to explore and wander in our partner museums

Hybrid Programming

What to expect:

Hybrid Programs Include both online and in-person events

Online or in person will be specified on an event-by-event basis

By Special Arrangement

What to expect:

Special arrangement programs must be set up by contacting ARTZ Philadelphia directly at

These programs may require special preparation or only be available in certain contexts

Special Projects

What to expect:

Special projects are neighborhood- and community-based or engage individuals living with dementia in long term care communities and in their own homes, as well as care partners.

Please contact ARTZ Philadelphia directly at for more information.