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Sometimes it’s just about knowing that someone else has been down the path you’re on… or is following in your footsteps…

What is the greatest gift you could give to a fellow traveler through the ups and downs of living with dementia… in just a few words? Or by asking a simple question?

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Will you help us? If you are living with dementia; or if you love or care for someone living with Alzheimer’s Disease or any other type of dementia, please bring your insights to a new ARTZ Philadelphia project, made by and for our community. 

It’s called “ARTZ Cards.” With your help, we will produce decks of cards that can support, comfort, challenge and inspire people living with dementia and the people they love. How? Through words and images shared by fellow journeyers: brief words of encouragement, thought-provoking questions, and lessons learned. And beautiful images created by participants in our programs, whose creativity is an inspiration in itself.

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This project is inspired by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt’s “Oblique Strategies,” a boxed set of cards printed with “over 100 worthwhile dilemmas.” The deck first came into being in the 1970s when Eno (a musician) and Schmidt (a visual artist) discovered that the same set of basic working principles guided them both through creative blocks. The pressures of time would prevent them from thinking in ways that were most helpful to them. The “Strategies” cards were meant to remind them of those creatively productive ways of thinking – “to jog the mind.”

Everything we do here at ARTZ is made possible by the generosity of supporters like you. Help us continue shining a light into the darkness of dementia.

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