Music in the Neighborhood

Bringing joy and connection through Music

Music in the Neighborhood is a monthly series of live and live-streamed performances in English and Spanish by musicians with deep roots in Philadelphia neighborhoods. Community members who participate in our ARTZ in the Neighborhood project drive the selection of musical genres and musicians.

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ARTZ in the Neighborhood is generously sponsored by Acadia Pharmaceuticals

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What People Are Saying

  • I'm very excited about the Music in the Neighborhood project as an extension of the ARTZ in the Neighborhood project because music is something that universally brings joy

    — Lianette Pappaterra, Community Programs Manager, Esperanza Health Center
  • Everybody just relaxes and enjoys being together, and the music experience too. We just loved it.

    –– Stephanie S., Community Advisory Group Member, Donor, and Care Partner
  • It allowed me to create new memories with my mom. Once you put on music for her, she comes alive, and you can see that my mother is still in there

    –– Toya Algarin, Board Member, Community Liaison, Donor, and Care Partner
  • Music is universal. You don't need a language to understand. Whether it is English or Spanish, all you need to do is hear the rhythm.

    –– Ruby R., Community Advisory Group Member and Donor, translated from Spanish by Madelyne Groves

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