Because of Artz, We're "free to be joyful!" - Ramona and Lew

We can’t create joyful connections for people living with dementia and their care partners.

Ramona and Lew smiling and looking very joyful and happy
Keep Ramona & Lew Feeling Joyful.

When people diagnosed with dementia become isolated, their well-being declines rapidly. Without resources that help them to find joy by connecting and socializing with others, the debilitating challenges they experience only grow worse. All our family members, friends, and neighbors living with dementia are in desperate need of resources that respect their dignity, lift up their voices, and enrich their quality of life.

ARTZ Philadelphia creates safe and joyful spaces in museums, long term care facilities, arts centers, and day centers, where our program participants are encouraged to express themselves creatively and give voice to their imaginations without fear of judgment. Shared experiences around art stimulate thought, imagination, and connection. That’s why they make such an impact on the people we serve.

But we can’t continue to support our community members without you! Your donation will sustain programs that can keep Ramona, Lew, and the thousands of others in our community affected by dementia feeling joyful. Won’t you give today?

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