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In 2018 artist Jenn Warpole worked with ARTZ Philadelphia and with the Muller Institute for Senior Health at Abington Memorial Hospital to develop her vision for “ART(Z) Stops”: a series of serendipitous opportunities for informal, creative self-expression. People living with dementia and others who regularly visited the Muller encountered prompts to stop and (literally) make their mark: by interacting with still lifes, mixing paints, and ultimately taking part in the creation of oil paintings with Jenn.

What Our Artist is Saying

  • The focus of expanding the quality of life rather than "fixing" is a perspective I find gentle and empowering, not only for this community but for people in general. As an artist, I am grateful and inspired to see that art has a deep capacity to touch and heal people in such a simple way.

    — Jenn W., Lead Artist

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