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What gives you joy?

Research tells us that opportunities to shape one’s own life, even in small ways, can lead people living with dementia to feel re-enfranchised. Such opportunities to play an active role are part of maintaining “quality of life.”

​ARTZ in the Neighborhood is a community-centered project by and for people living with dementia and their care partners in two North Philadelphia communities. People with dementia and care partners in Hunting Park are making the most of their knowledge and experience to guide the creation of a new program for themselves and others in the area. We often open meetings in Hunting Park by asking “what gives you joy?

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Program Details

A group of seniors — some of whom are living with dementia in Hunting Park, some of whom are care partners, some, their neighbors who just care deeply — first came together in Spring 2018 to guide this project. We meet twice a month at Esperanza Health Center, a gathering place for the community. Stories and connections shared over the past year provided the content for a bilingual guidebook for community conversations about memory loss.

Community members’ voices will continue to drive the project.

ARTZ in the Neighborhood is funded by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

ARTZ and Hunting Park Flip Book

ARTZ in the Neighborhood Conversation and Activity Book

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What People Are Saying

  • With art, people can see there’s so much more to the world out there than their immediate surroundings. We recently took a trip to the Woodmere Art Museum and people were so amazed. It was like a whole new world when they saw the paintings.

    — Madelyne G., care partner and community liaison
  • As long as we are using our brains and our hearts…

    — Ruby R., community advisory group member
  • Everyone [I talked to] thought [the project] was an amazing idea and that there is definitely a need for something like that around here. There are so many families that serve as caregivers and could and would benefit from it.

    — Madelyne G., care partner and community liaison

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