Eve Gottesman

ARTZ Community Member

Eve Gottesman was a retired social worker who began coming to ARTZ programs early on in our history. It was clear from the start that Eve brought a huge capacity for care from her past experiences. She became our resident expert on the underlying human emotions and experiences found in the works of art we all looked at together. Her responses were always insightful, elegant, and eloquent. Even as Eve began to lose her faculty for language, she still found ways to communicate powerfully. She mentored medical students in our ARTZ @ Jefferson program until a month before she passed away. Eve’s companion, who mentored alongside of Eve and her husband Len, remarked to the students “Eve has her own insights. She will come alive… She will find her own ways to say things.” Eve taught us so much about communicating beyond perceived limitations and her incredible capacity for expression guides ARTZ in finding creative ways to listen to this very day.

Photograph of Eve Gottesman