Toya Algarin

Community Liaison and Board Member

As a long time advocate for her community, Toya brings the spirit of activism to everything that she does. She is a Philadelphia native and the community liaison for “ARTZ in the Neighborhood” in Northwest Philadelphia . As a longtime resident of West Oak Lane, she loves her neighborhood and is glad to share her gift of being able to connect the dots in community. “We are so rich in culture and spirit,” she is often quoted as saying. Toya attended an ARTZ Philadelphia Café for Care Partners program and adapted it for her neighborhood, calling it “Café for Carers” and providing an opportunity for care partners from Northwest Philadelphia and elsewhere to share their experiences with each other in a low pressure, casual environment, first in-person and then online. Her Facebook page “Life After Dementia” has become a go-to resource for Black and Brown care partners to connect, share resources, learn, and find joy together.

Photograph of Toya Algarin