Coming Together

Come Together… To Give

Our mission at ARTZ Philadelphia has always been to bring people together, to create spaces in which those of us experiencing the impacts of dementia in our lives can build new communities together and offer each other the gift of connection. 

That’s why our theme for this end-of-year campaign is “Coming Together”: celebrating the time we’ve spent together this year and looking forward to new connections (online and in person) in 2022.

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As we reflect on the challenges of the past year — a year we so hoped would bring an end to the pandemic — these moments of coming together shine brightly.

Whether you came together with us to look at or create art, to dance to live music, to share laughter and conversation with each other, or to provide the financial support that made each and every one of these creative connections possible, your generosity of spirit and immense care for each other never faltered.

It is critical that our family members and neighbors living with dementia never lose this sense of human connection, never lose access to supportive community. We have witnessed during the pandemic just how lethal isolation and and its health consequences can be. That is why we are asking you to come together with us once more this year and give.

Your donation of any size to our end-of-year campaign will ensure that together, we can continue to build a world in which all of us, regardless of a dementia diagnosis, experience the belonging and kinship that are so vital to lives lived fully and joyfully.

As we look ahead to 2022, we are committed to fulfilling our mission in new hybrid ways that will only be possible with your help. Only your support will enable us to sustain the online programs that have brought enhanced quality of life to our community members even in the darkest days of the pandemic, and allowed us to reach for the first time in our history those living homebound. And only your support will bring back the in-person programs for which we were known prior to the pandemic and that — conditions on the ground permitting — in 2022 will restore at long last the connections that only touch, hugs, and sitting shoulder to shoulder can forge.

Without you, it just won’t be possible for our community members to come together in this way. We thank you in advance for your generosity and your commitment to giving the gift of connection.

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