Notes from OF/BY/FOR ALL and the First Wave

OF/BY/FOR ALL is all about changing the way you involve new communities in your work. ARTZ Philadelphia is one of 21 organizations in the First Wave, a six month prototype of OF/BY/FOR ALL’s Change Network program. Read on for more about partner power from the OF/BY/FOR ALL team.

–“Partner Power is centered on the idea that our partner’s success is our success. It helps you shift from a mindset of transaction to collaboration, so your organization can become BY your community. If you can activate Partner Power in early meetings with potential partners, you’ll build a foundation of trust and understanding. And that builds stronger, more authentic partnerships for the long term.

Partner Power is one of many tools we’re sharing with the OF/BY/FOR ALL First Wave – a group of 21 organizations working to be of, by, and for their communities. We’re inviting them to use the Partner Power framework to change the way they hold their first meetings with new prospective partners.

Clare James, Head of Partnerships & Engagement at Techniquest told us that by using Partner Power, it “…100% changed the way we would approach this type of meeting and [we] would consider using this style for all stakeholder meetings from now on, including our big corporates and so on.”

Celia Morrison, Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator at ARTZ Philadelphia reflected, “this task prepares us to step in and step back and really listen to a partner. …I think it’s way better to get to know a person via their visions, their accomplishments, and the challenges…in trying to realize something together.”

Want to try it yourself? Keep reading for an inside look at exactly how we helped the First Wave adopt this framework.”

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