ARTZ Notes Facilitator in the News

Keisha Hutchins Hirlinger sings into a microphone

Keisha Hutchins Hirlinger, a local professional singer and songwriter, facilitates our new music program, ARTZ Notes. She most recently performed at ARTZ Philadelphia’s 2020 virtual fundraiser, Music in the Key of Connection.

“COVID has affected all of us in some way,” she states. “And I will tell you quite honestly that at the beginning I was very resistant to the idea of performing this way. But then, as an educator and artist, I had some other opportunities to work this way, and slowly I began to soften to the idea.”

“So you can get energy from people in this new way. It’s just a matter of trying and adjusting,” she concludes. “No, you can’t hear people clapping, but you know they are there. So when we are back to performing live, I think we’ll all have a deeper appreciation for our audiences.”

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