Through ARTZ Notes, we invite you to come together with other participants to listen to music, make your own, and engage with each other and the performers.

ARTZ Notes features music and experiences as diverse as our participants (all of them online for now) These include live performances paired with conversations, interactive improvisation and sing-alongs, and conversations and movement around pre-recorded music of all genres.


In this time of prescribed physical distancing, we are offering a complementary but distinctly different Rx — we’re calling it ARTZ-Connect. 


We have suspended our in-person programs to protect the health and safety of our program participants, our staff, and our community. But many of our programs are available online (including some new ones created just in the past six months) and once the widespread availability of proven vaccines make it possible, our in-person programs will be added back into the mix again. Stay with us!


ARTZ Notes  

Come Together 

Through Music

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Program Dedication


ARTZ Notes honors Carl Duzen, our long-time community member. Carl and his wife Susan joined the ARTZ community in 2015 shortly after Carl had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Carl and Susan both loved music; they often hosted small, intimate concerts for friends in their living room. On April 16, 2020, Carl passed quietly from the earth. His legacy, however, is everywhere in the ARTZ Philadelphia community and we are honored to launch this program in his memory.




We extend our gratitude to ARTZ Philadelphia community members Maggy Carney, Nora Dougherty, Kitty Farnham, Nadine Flexer, Kay Moon, and Peggy Williams who donated to ARTZ in memory of Carl, to create a new program in his name. ARTZ Philadelphia has also received vital support for the launch of ARTZ Notes from the Fox Chase Bank Charitable Fund.

zWhat to Expect in this Programy

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  • ARTZ Notes with Keisha Hutchins Hirlinger
    We will be using Zoom to connect with you.
    Mar 20, 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM
    We will be using Zoom to connect with you.
    ARTZ Notes is a new series of interactive experiences around music.