Meeting Where We Are

Online, In-Person, or Hybrid

This year our campaign is all about “Meeting Where We Are.” 

We have witnessed our world change in an instant due to pandemic, politics, and war. Our ARTZ community members’ lives change from hour to hour, from moment to moment – every day. We want to be able to change with them, to meet them where they are. At a time when nothing can be taken for granted, it’s more important than ever that we find flexible, creative ways to reach the people that need us most. In the course of this campaign, you will hear from some of our program participants — people living with dementia and care partners. They will share with you their thoughts about the ways ARTZ Philadelphia has been able to adapt to their needs during a particularly challenging time.

It seemed almost immediately that we had found a whole other world. A world where we both could exist together. A world that seemed to be accepting of both of us without making a big deal out of it and a place where there was joy for both of us.

-Susan J. — Care Partner, Volunteer, Donor

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The journey of living with dementia or being a care partner is non-linear and ever-evolving.

It can lead to unexpected places. While one day may be a struggle, another may be full of discovery. At ARTZ, we want to make sure we provide opportunities to find joy, connect with others, and engage our community members’ creativity along the way, because no matter where we are in our own journeys, we all yearn for human connection.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, which is why we offer our programs in many different spaces:

in long term care communities;

in Philadelphia’s neighborhoods, where we can empower and learn from residents;

online, from the comfort of home;

in person, at our favorite museums and cultural centers;

and through hybrid options that combine elements of all of these spaces.

The places in which we come together must be as diverse as the people we serve.

But we can’t do any of this without your help. Only with your gift will we be able to continue adapting and changing, being responsive to our participants’ needs, and finding creative ways to connect. When you give, you help us to meet people at the times they need it most, in the places they’re most at home, with the joyful and accommodating spirit that lets them know that they are welcome. Give today and meet them right where they are.

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All illustrations on this page were created by Kristin Burnett