Thierry Elin-Saintine


Thierry has brought his training and expertise as an ethnographer to a number of community-based projects, including ARTZ in the Neighborhood. He is also an assistant professor of mathematics and First-Year Studies program at Stockton University. His research focuses on identity as belonging, mathematics education, urban education, and clinical empathy. 

Thierry is excited to be a part of ARTZ’ mission to engage and collaborate with communities of color in Philadelphia in designing arts-based programs and culturally relevant initiatives aimed at combating the isolating, stigmatizing, and dehumanizing narratives that surround  people living with memory loss. 

Whether learning about housing inequity from homeless Philadelphians at a public library, studying the meaning of clinical empathy from people living with dementia (through his observation of the ARTZ @ Jefferson program), or exploring the pervasiveness and depths of institutional racism in mathematics education, he is determined to continue working with organizations like ARTZ Philadelphia, helping to reimagine and rewrite America’s social imaginary–the range of possible identities available to certain groups in this country.

Photograph of Thierry Elin-Saintine