Nancy Chernett


Nancy Chernett joined the ARTZ Philadelphia Board in 2021.

Nancy spent her 40-year career working in various facets of health care delivery, including over 25 years as a social gerontologist addressing the health and well-being of older adults. Much of this experience includes developing and providing educational programs and support for families caring for a loved one with dementia. 

From 2000-2015 she was a research project director and faculty member at Thomas Jefferson University. During that time, her areas of research and development included dementia family caregiver interventions, programs that addressed the physical health and well-being of older African Americans, and creating educational programs and materials on end-of-life decision-making and racial/cultural health inequities.   

Since retiring, Nancy has become a proud grandmother of four, and has spent her time volunteering with non-profit and educational organizations working on the challenges of successful aging, climate change and voting rights.

“I am very excited to have this opportunity working with ARTZ Philadelphia. This brings together my experience working with older adults and families, my strong belief that people living with dementia can continue to have meaningful lives and my love of the visual arts.” 

Photograph of Nancy Chernett