Laurie McFarlane


Laurie McFarlane is a volunteer for ARTZ Philadelphia. She joined the organization in February 2020.

Laurie is a recruiter, organizer, connector, and arts advocate with a passion for social justice and service. As a development professional and volunteer she has organized thousands of events that helped raise millions of dollars for socially transformative organizations and corporations.

When asked why it was meaningful to work with ARTZ Philadelphia, she said: “I love and have lost my mother to dementia, but towards the end of her life I watched the restorative qualities of art, music, and dance lift her spirits through good days and bad. Remembering her enthusiasm and seeing it reflected in ARTZ Philadelphia participants’ faces reinforces my belief in the healing power of creativity while reminding me to cultivate my own. Quite simply, the arts have the power to change lives and by extension, the world.”

Photograph of Laurie McFarlane