Christine Friello-Fini


Christine Friello-Fini first joined the ARTZ Philadelphia Board in 2019. She took a temporary break in 2021 to launch her organizational design and development practice, and was re-elected to the Board in May 2022.

She is a senior workplace experience counselor with combined skills in organizational psychology, diversity, equity, and inclusion leadership, and over 30 years of experience successfully leading complicated workplace change efforts for global organizations. She has designed and facilitated experiential learning programs that enhance individual and group performance, employee engagement, and well-being. Christine earned her master’s degree in organizational psychology and change leadership at the Teachers College at Columbia University. She is also a licensed architect and certified interior designer.

As a care partner for her father, who lived with dementia for nearly ten years, Christine has witnessed the urgent need to improve the empathic ability of healthcare providers to prevent people living with dementia from feeling misunderstood, unheard, and invisible. To put this experience into action, she has served as a mentor for the ARTZ @ Jefferson program, helping foster in young health professions students enhanced clinical skills, empathy, compassion, and inclusiveness towards patients living with dementia.

Photograph of Christine Friello-Fini