ARTZ Notes

Poetry/Art/Music: A Creative Convocation, with Alex Levin

Join us for for a very special ARTZ Notes with guest facilitator Alex Levin!

Date & Time

Saturday, November 12, 2022
1:30 PM (EST) - 2:30 PM (EST)


We will be using Zoom to connect with you


Join us on  November 12th at 1:30 pm (ET). After you register, we will send you the Zoom link and instructions.

Join pianist Alex Levin as he invites you to revel in the joys of poetry, art, and music. Alex is a huge favorite at our annual online concert fundraisers and we’re so fortunate to have him joining us as a facilitator for ARTZ Notes! In this workshop, we will match paintings of settings—cities, cafes, dance studios, and jazz clubs—to poems that describe the settings in evocative language. After appreciating the paintings and poems, Alex will perform a song—sometimes improvised, sometimes a standard—that relates to the setting. It’s like visiting a museum, a library, and a jazz club—all in the course of one hour! We look forward to the journey, and hope you’ll join us.

ARTZ Notes invites you to come together with other participants to listen to music, make your own, and engage with each other and the performers. ARTZ Notes offers music and experiences as diverse as our participants. We are exploring different options – all of them virtual for now – including facilitating live performances paired with conversations, interactive improvisation and sing-alongs, and conversations and movement around pre-recorded music of all genres.