We Give Because We Recognize the Power of Art

People who support the work we do at ARTZ Philadelphia come in all shapes and sizes and have lots of different reasons for giving. Artist Kay Moon shares with us her reasons for giving: in memory of beloved family members who have died and in honor of dear friends who are very much living…with dementia.

ARTZ participants Kay, Carl, Susan, and Rick stand smiling in an art exhibition

“Both Rick and I wanted to give a donation to ARTZ Philadelphia because we recognize the positive effect this organization has had on all those participating in your interactive art programs. Many years ago, when my mom was hospitalized and in a nursing facility, we experienced how she interacted so positively with the art work on display. It was an opportunity to discuss and focus on an image and away from her health situation. While I had a career as an art educator, it was this personal experience that made me recognize another aspect of the power of art. And now, dear friends, one with Alzheimer’s and the other his devoted wife and caregiver have found such wonderful support from your gallery/art discussion program. We are so grateful for ARTZ Philadelphia that you have created to help and support both the Alzheimer patient and caregiver. Thank you!”

POSTSCRIPT: There are so many ways to give to our friends and neighbors living with dementia. Kay joined us for our ARTZ @ Main Line Art Center program one day, to engage our program participants in a conversation about one of the works of art on display: a beautiful sculptural piece in clay that Kay herself had created.