The Art of Connecting

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Portrait of Susan Shifrin smiling

Susan Shifrin is the founder and executive director of ARTZ Philadelphia. She started the organization in 2013 and has seen how allowing those with dementia to interact with artworks, either in a gallery setting, or in residential care facilities, helps people. The program comes to the Brandywine River Museum every month. Here, Shifrin discusses the roots of ARTZ Philadelphia.

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An ARTZ facilitator leading a group gestures at a painting of a crow

On a quiet Tuesday morning, a group of about a dozen men and women gather in an upstairs gallery at the Brandywine River Museum of Art and take their seats. They are only a few feet away from Jamie Wyeth’s iconic “Portrait of Pig,” a painting that has gained generations of admirers since it was painted in 1970. But this group is paying particularly close attention as Justine Stehle, smiling broadly, welcomes them and asks, “So, what do you think of this pig?”

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