Sue Brown Recognized for Spreading Joy through Art

Click the link below to read the most recent issue of “Redeemer Stories: Community, Compassion and Impact” and read about Sue’s work at St. Joseph’s Manor during COVID-19.

A woman works on a colorful cut paper artwork of fish
Images from Holy Redeemer’s newletter
A drawing of a group of fish swimming

Sue Brown has been volunteering and bringing joy through art at St. Joseph Manor for 20 years. When she is not volunteering her time, she leads a program for memory care residents in Evergreens through ARTZ Philadelphia. ARTZ Philadelphia has provided programming for Evergreens for seven years and Sue has led ARTZ in the Making for the past four years. During COVID-19 she has found creative ways to continue to engage and connect with residents.

“Sue, along with Lamont and other St. Joseph Manor colleagues make an extraordinary team. Sue brings the art; Lamont and company bring the ‘drama’—like the time Sue had residents creating a collage of marine life and Lamont and his team members made fish ‘swim through the air.’ It’s this kind of collaboration with St. Joseph Manor team members that makes Sue so proud and passionate about what she does. ‘If I were by myself, we’d have an art class. Working together, we have magic,’ she says.”

Read the latest issue of “Redeemer Stories: Community, Compassion and Impact”

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