Phoebe Wyncote Residents Connect with ARTZ in the Making

Artist/Facilitator Sue Brown and most recent ARTZ in the Making program partnership featured in Phoebe’s newsroom

Published July 19, 2019 — “Among the challenges facing both those who live with dementia, and their caregivers, is the loss of every day personal connections that we take for granted throughout our lives. Phoebe’s communities work every day with memory support residents to forge connections again and again, instilling life, emotion, love, and joy into the lives of our residents. We’re especially grateful when we can partner with other organizations to achieve that goal, often with unforeseen results.

The hand of an ARTZ participant paints a colorful picture

In June, ARTZ Philadelphia—a nonprofit founded to support and celebrate people with dementia as members of the wider creative community—partnered with Phoebe Wyncote to bring some new connections to residents with dementia.

Sue Brown, an “ARTZ in the Making” facilitator for ARTZ Philadelphia, met with eight residents who had reached an advanced stage of dementia, characterized by tightly clenched hands that represented certain neurological changes as a result of the disease. Brown presented the residents with a sensory experience, using balls of yarn and knitted swatches to tease and caress tired hands open… Read more.

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