Phoebe Institute on Aging 2018 Spring Conference

Susan Shifrin scheduled to speak at 2018 Phoebe Institute on Aging Conference on April 24th

Phoebe conference poster reading 'building a customer driven culture'

— Susan Shifrin of ARTZ Philadelphia will speak at the 2018 Phoebe Institute on Aging Conference in a breakout session that centers on empowerment at the intersection of arts, dementia and healthcare: “It is too often the case that the voices of people living with dementia and their care partners are not heard or attended to, by their care providers or by their communities. ARTZ @ Jefferson establishes a new paradigm in which the students of medical and other health professions learn what it means to live with dementia, straight from the experts themselves: those with diagnoses or their primary care partners. This session will present alternatives to the narrative of incapacity surrounding dementia; introduce the goals and impact of the collaboration between a small nonprofit and a large medical school; and invite audience members to integrate this paradigm in their own practices.”

This year’s conference, called “Building a Customer-driven Culture”, will offer opportunities to explore the benefits of empowering those in our care to make their own decisions– optimizing their health, well-being, and the satisfaction they find in their own lives.

The conference will be held at DeSales University’s campus, on April 24. The cost for the full-day, which includes all programming, a continental breakfast, and a buffet lunch, is $25.

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About Phoebe Institute on Aging: The Phoebe Institute on Aging promotes improved quality of life and care for the aging and their families. The Institute is well-known for its innovative educational programs, cooperative ventures, and outreach activities.For six to eight weeks, students get to know their mentors as people, first: through arts-based interactions, one-on-one conversations and facilitated breakout sessions. As they build mutual trust and respect, mentors share with their students their own experiences of living with dementia.

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