In the News: ARTZ-Connect @ Woodmere

Click the link below to read “Woodmere educator Susan Shifrin keeps ARTZ alive for people in need” from today’s special blue-ink issue of the Chestnut Hill Local.

Blue Beads, 1994, by Penelope Harris (Woodmere Art Museum: Gift of Bill Scott, 2011)

“Normally offered in person in the Museum’s galleries, ARTZ launched six years ago as the brainchild of art historian, curator, and educator Susan Shifrin. When our temporary closure in March forced the cancellation of on-site programming, Susan responded immediately, knowing that individuals with dementia are especially vulnerable and that people living in facilities could be especially lonely, as they would be unable to receive visitors. Since that time, ARTZ-Connect has taken to Zoom and has been running at higher than normal capacity (20 participants, instead of the usual 12) and on a biweekly (rather than monthly) basis to accommodate the increased demand, while maintaining the intimacy and comfort that has defined ARTZ since it began.”

ARTZ Philadelphia Founder and Executive Director, Susan Shifrin, shares how a discussion around Blue Beads evolves during an ARTZ-Connect @ Woodmere program. The emphasis on the color blue is no coincidence as the blue-ink issue of the Chestnut Hill Local is honoring first responders.

Read more from Susan’s conversation with William Valerio, CEO and Director of Woodmere Art Museum.

Free Interpretation of Plant Forms, 1967, by Harry Bertoia (Photo by Darryl Moran)

Woodmere Art Museum filled “Free Interpretation of Plant Forms” with blue lights to honor first responders in health care, grocery stores, and delivery services of all kinds.