Behind the scenes, Ed Brown

…was always a force for good and kindness at ARTZ.

Ed Brown views an ARTZ Philadelphia pamphlet with a look of careful consideration
Image Credit: Mark Stehle

“Ed was such a kind, friendly, helpful-to-all person.”

“He was one of the most patient and kind people I’ve met.”

2020 has been a hard year.

The ARTZ Philadelphia community has lost a number of very beloved figures over the past nine months who shared their warmth, wit, and creativity with all of us.

Two weeks ago, the toll taken by this hard year came even closer to home. On December 1, 2020, Sue Brown — ARTZ Philadelphia’s longtime Board member, Constituent Advocate, and lead facilitator for our “ARTZ in the Making” program — lost her cherished husband and partner in everything, Ed Brown, to cancer.

Ed’s name may not have been widely familiar across the ARTZ Philadelphia community, but his smiling face and generosity of spirit were well-known to the staff of the day and senior centers, nursing homes, long term care communities, and arts venues where Sue’s programs took place. Ed was essential in so many ways to ARTZ Philadelphia’s mission of creativity and community – for seven years, he was part of the backbone of that mission, providing support and backup to Sue in her preparations for and delivery of her programs, attending every ARTZ Philadelphia event with good humor and grace, serving as a quiet but eloquent advocate for the organization’s principles.

As Ed’s obituary, written lovingly by his daughters and wife, put it: “Ed’s greatest gift was his devotion to his wife, Susan. It was his constant support which made it possible for her to bring meaningful art programs and joy through ARTZ Philadelphia to those living in memory care communities and centers. He is remembered for his commitment, dependability, warmth, and for his great grin.”

Rest in peace, dear Ed. ARTZ Philadelphia won’t be the same without you, but your legacy of kindness, dependability, and doing good at all costs will inspire us to do better each and every day.

Susan Shifrin

Founder & Executive Director