The majority of medical and other health professions students begin their training with altruism and empathy.

But research has shown that by the third year of training, students’ empathy significantly declines. Healthcare providers' lack of empathy can produce patients who mistrust their physicians, disregard instructions vital to treatment, and feel profoundly uncared for. People living with dementia in particular can often feel misunderstood, unheard, and invisible.

In this time of prescribed physical distancing, we are offering a complementary but distinctly different Rx — we’re calling it ARTZ-Connect. 


We have suspended our in-person programs to protect the health and safety of our program participants, our staff, and our community. But many of our programs are available online (including some new ones created just in the past six months) and once the widespread availability of proven vaccines make it possible, our in-person programs will be added back into the mix again. Stay with us!

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ARTZ @ Jefferson  

Changing how healthcare works.

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Together, Jefferson students and their mentors are changing the way healthcare works.

Through “ARTZ @ Jefferson,” students are able to spend weeks getting to know people with dementia and care partners as their mentors. And mentors are able to guide and share their experiences with students regarding what it means to live with dementia. 

The initial vehicle for these relationships is the students' and mentors’ shared experiences looking at and discussing works of art in local museums. And over time, mentors and students together generate ways that healthcare could work differently -- more compassionately -- for people living with chronic illness.

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“I liked hearing the interactions between those living with dementia and their care partners. It is such an intimate and extreme bond, being able to see that dynamic carried out was very valuable. The wisdom of those with dementia regarding the artwork was so insightful, very beautiful.”
-ARTZ @ Jeff student (3rd year medical student)