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ARTZ Philadelphia Main Contact

1229 Chestnut Street, #188

Philadelphia, PA 19107


info@artzphilly.org | shifrin@artzphilly.org

ARTZ Philadelphia Team Contacts

Nancy Chernett | lexy1952@verizon.net

Board Member

Jonathan Stein|jonathan_stein@cable.comcast.com

Board Member

Cleo L. Smalls | smalls@artzphilly.org

Community Engagement and Administrative Coordinator

Shane Farrell | farrell@artzphilly.org

Digital Projects and Programs Manager 

Lynn Fields Harris | lynnfharris@outlook.com

Board Chair

Jerry Rothkoff | jrothkoff@rothkofflaw.com

Board Member

Susan Shifrin | shifrin@artzphilly.org

Founder and Executive Director

Cynthia Solis | solis@artzphilly.org

Board Member

Justine Stehle | stehle@artzphilly.org

Program Facilitator

Carla Tate | cmtate3@juno.com

Board Treasurer

Toya Algarin | toyal19@icloud.com

Community Liaison & Board Member, Northwest Philadelphia

Madelyne Groves | madelynegroves@yahoo.com

Community Liaison, Hunting Park

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