• Susan Shifrin

"Good Feeling": Stephanie's take on ARTZ @ the Museum

We'll be sharing a series of perspectives from ARTZ Philly's interns, Stephanie and Alexandra! Read on to hear about Steph's first "ARTZ @ the Museum" experience.

Initially, I was going to title this “The Eyes Have It!”, but as I reflected back on this experience, “Good Feeling” by The Violent Femmes began to play softly in my mind. And I knew, that was it! This was my first “ARTZ at the Museum” experience as an intern, and the good feeling has definitely stayed with me.

Our group was lucky enough to have a pre-opening glimpse at two paintings that are part of the Violet Oakley exhibit at the Woodmere. Susan led the discussion by asking the program participants, “What does the painting bring out?” and “How does it make you feel?” and the participants flowed with ideas. It was wonderful to see how Susan was able to encourage the participants to dig a little deeper, and the ideas that bounced off one another. Various perspectives, all very thought provoking, all coming from individuals clearly very passionate about art. As the program was winding down to the end, Susan took a leap, and proposed that we all head to the sculpture fountain that was in front of the museum.

This is where “Good Feeling” really comes in. Looking at the sculpture, which was beautifully shaped and almost seemed to cradle a rainbow in its center, one of the participants said, “There are negative ions in the water, and by looking at it, it makes you feel good.” Isn’t that beautiful? It really stayed with me, that new knowledge. The power art has is astounding; its ability to evoke emotion and make the viewer feel something, just by being, is truly one of the greatest phenomenons of the human mind. This is why ARTZ Philadelphia really is magic, good feelings were felt, laughs were hard, and memories were made.

-- Stephanie Kong, ARTZ Philadelphia Intern 2017/18; Temple University's Human Development and Community Engagement Program

Stephanie is with us for a second semester, and we're so glad to have her on our team. To hear more from Steph and Alexandra, ARTZ Philly's interns, come back and visit the blog!

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