Toya Algarin


Toya Algarin joined the ARTZ Philadelphia Board in 2021.

Toya is currently on a temporary leave from her duties at ARTZ.

Toya is a native of Philadelphia. She graduated from LaSalle University with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and received her MBA from University of Phoenix.

Toya serves as Chief Marketing Officer at JANETM a non-profit organization committed to Black and brown students and early career professionals’ achievement of success by helping them navigate their educational and career paths so that they will flourish in their professions of choice.

Toya has been an advocate for quality education for underserved and under-represented children and families for well over 25 years, beginning with the fight for that of her own children. She is a founding member of Educational Opportunities for Families. She also serves on the Board of KIPP Philadelphia Charter School. As a member of the LaSalle University Community Board , Toya focuses on bridging the gap between the University and the community in which it sits by planning health fairs, MLK Day events, community outreach programs, and partnering with security to create a safety plan for the community.

Toya’s mother is living with dementia. It was, therefore, a natural transition for her to become the Community Liaison in the Northwest Philadelphia region for “ARTZ in the Neighborhood” in January of 2019.

Toya is a care partner to her mother, a proud mother of three and GG (gorgeous grandma) to seven. She is a longtime resident of West Oak Lane, loves the neighborhood and is glad to share her strength in being able to connect the dots in community. “We are so rich in culture and spirit,” she is often quoted as saying. 

Photograph of Toya Algarin