Give to Each Other

I give to you. You give to me. The world is better for it.

As the world emerges from the isolation caused by COVID, the isolation of living with dementia never goes away.

Our mission at ARTZ Philadelphia has always been to bring people together, to create spaces in which people who have lost their communities of friends and family because of the stigmas around dementia can find new communities and give each other the gift of connection.

This campaign is our first mid-year campaign in two years. It ushers in the ninth year of ARTZ Philadelphia.
We know that isolation can be deadly. Particularly for the people among us who are living with dementia or are care partners for people with dementia.


We are asking you to support the efforts we have made since March 2020 to provide human and creative connection for people whose worlds no longer allowed for physical connection because of the pandemic. To this day, their lives are darkened by the tragic separations, months of distancing, and absent touches of beloved family members that were 2020 for so many.  


With your help, we will keep creating those spaces of joyful connection -- even if they must remain virtual for the time being. With your help, we will honor that deeply human need to give to each other in all the big and little ways.


Our tagline for the campaign is “I give to you. You give to me. The world is better for it….” We thank you in advance for bringing that tagline to life through your own generosity and commitment to improving quality of life for those trying to find purpose and meaning in every day, regardless of a diagnosis of dementia.

COVID didn't take away our need to give to each other. It made it harder, but so much more meaningful, that we keep doing it. Please... help us to keep giving.

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