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Living with dementia didn't end with COVID.

COVID just made it harder and much more lonely.

If there is one thing we have all learned during the last nine months of the COVID pandemic, it is that one of our most pressing human needs is to connect with other human beings.
Isolation can be deadly. Particularly for the people among us who are living with dementia or are care partners for people with dementia.

Our mission at ARTZ Philadelphia has always been to bring people together, to provide settings in which people who have lost their communities of friends and family through the stigmas attached to Alzheimer’s Disease, Lewy Body, frontotemporal and other dementias can rebuild a sense of community with each other through interactions around arts and culture.

In early March, in response to the pandemic, we shifted all of our programs from in-person to online. In July, we increased the number of programs we were hosting each month because our community members asked us to, and we added four entirely new programs.

Ordinarily, by July, we would have launched and completed our annual midyear campaign. However, we had made the decision in April to suspend all formal fundraising efforts, recognizing that so many of our community members were suffering physically, emotionally, and financially.

This campaign is our first fundraising campaign of 2020. We are asking you to support the efforts we have made since March – and will continue to make into 2021 – to provide human and creative connection for people whose worlds have narrowed to almost no personal contact or connection at all.

Our tagline for the campaign is “Care, Give, Connect, Repeat….” We thank you in advance for bringing that tagline to life through your own generosity and commitment to improving quality of life for those trying to find purpose and meaning in every day, regardless of a diagnosis of dementia.

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