Every person experiences dementia
Some of the same filters that are dismantled by dementia may also have filtered our imaginations
before dementia.
If you've met one person with dementia, you've met...one person with dementia.
Research tells us that people with dementia can experience new surges of creativity.
Research tells us that people living with frontotemporal dementia can simultaneously experience
enhanced function in the visual cortex.
Communication encompasses much more than verbal expression.
Multi-sensory experiences can and almost always do enhance quality of life.
There are more than 130 kinds of dementia;
Alzheimer's Disease is just one of them.
A dementia diagnosis does not signal the end of life with meaning. It signals the beginning of a different life with different meaning.
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“People suffering from neurodegenerative disease tell us something about our humanity. It's not all inevitable decline."
BRUCE MILLER, MD, University of California San Francisco